banana discussion megathread

by BananaKing43. Replies: 5

hey guys, welcome to the banana discussion megathread. i just wanted to setup a nice place we can hangout and discuss bananas, haha :P

what are your thoughts on bananas?

shut up shut up i hate you DIE you're so STUPID FUCK YOU ASSHOLE DIE DIE DIE
There's no need for such negativity, 'xBANANAHATER_'. I rather enjoy a good banana. Wonderful, indeed.
lol bananahater is so fucking mad what an idiot hahahaha i bet you dont like bananas weirdo hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha
guys, please, it's just a banana discussion thread, let's calm down...
Yo. Yo yo. Yo Yo Yo. I don't think they're that bad. We can't afford them a lot though. The P.E.E.L Jones hasn't done well lately. Frankly, I'm concerned.